Hello There!

I'm William. I am a Software Developer from Peoria, Illinois.

Programming has been my passion since middle school. To my parents' dismay, I have always had a penchant for taking things apart to learn how they work. However, a screwdriver only gets you so far when taking apart a computer. I wanted to learn how the ones and zeros worked. I picked up a few languages while I was in middle and high school, but I was predominantly drawn to C-like languages.

After high school, I went on to study Computer Science at Bradley University. There I had the opportunity to refine my skills and also interact with many amazing people. I picked up many skills during my time there, such as web design, computer architecture, computational theory, and security. During this time, I also had the opportunity to contribute to research and work on genome databases. In May of 2017, I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.

In my free time, I am often studying graphics programming or tinkering with my homelab.

Recent Posts

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2 Sep 2015
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4 May 2015

Recent Commits

1 Jan 2020
Add RenderModule::apply to change graphics settings after initialisation
31 Dec 2019
Add utility functions for converting Bullet math types
31 Dec 2019
Fix incorrect cast
17 Dec 2019
Get ScriptModule from Core instead of passing into constructor
7 Dec 2019
Tweak normal calculation
6 Dec 2019
Implement specular IBL