Lines Committed by Day of the Week

The amount of code that I am manipulating throughout the week does not vary too greatly, but the number of commits that they are contained in has visible hills and valleys. Earlier in the week, I am usually more inclined to be productive. This trend goes down as the week progresses, probably due to work or classes. Then Friday and Saturday comes around and I have another spurt of productivity, again, probably due to work or classes (the lack thereof).

Lines Committed by Time of Day

Mornings are clearly a no-go and my late nights are pretty visible. In the afternoon, when I get home from classes or work, my personal productivity starts ramping up. It is a fairly linear increase throughout the night, but my activity tops out around midnight. I suspect this because it is around the time where I would go to bed on days preceding a day of work or class. On free nights, however, this keeps going until a dead stop around 7:00, when I finally call it quits during late night grinds.


I have a self-hosted instance of GitLab that contains a large portion of the code I have ever written since I first started using Git. My script checks every commit that I authored and adds up the number of additions and deletions. This data is aggregated by time and shown here.