Level Up!

It's been a long journey, but I have just finished graduate school. I now have a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. At this time, I am unsure what I want to achieve next. I do plan on taking some time off finishing studying some materials I have been working on.


It's all Ogre now

Summer's over and it's time for school again. This semester will be my first semester of graduate school and I'll be working as graduate assistant this year. Not much more to say there.

Over the summer, I have been allocating a large portion of my time into learning about game engine design and graphics programming. To do this, I designed a basic game engine using OpenGL and C++. The engine uses deferred shading, but I only got around to implementing basic point lights. While this project is entirely for educational purposes, I believe that I now have a fair grasp of the basic functionality behind rendering for games.

From there, I decided to drop my own rendering engine and drop in an existing one. My intent is to study the fundamental aspects of as much as I can before I devote time into deeper knowledge of any single part. Since I have worked with Ogre3D in the past, I decided to revisit my previous work with it. It sure was an eye-opener seeing my old code and how I have improved since then. Introspection aside, swapping rendering engines was fairly simple and I managed to retain most of the other work I put into the original project.



Graduation is just around the corner (May 16th) and this event marks a new chapter of my life. I have had a great time studying at Bradley University so I have decided to also pursue a Master's degree here. During the next couple years, I will also be working for Caterpillar and pursuing my own interests in my free time. With that, I think it is about time for a refresh of this website.

This website has been hanging onto a lot of unnecessary baggage, content that was not worth keeping. I have removed most of the content from years ago. If I have time, I am considering looking back at the work I have done in the past and revisiting those projects with a fresh pair of eyes. For now, however, it is time for a clean slate!